Wheatland Summer League

Full Spreadsheet // Sortable Stats

Instructions :
This is a bit tricky but it easy once you do it a few times.
Copy all the columns that already have weekly scores (07/11/2019 - 05/31/2019)
Paste them over column J through whatever column they cover.
You will now have TWO columns with the same date (Column I and Column J)
Rename Column I to the current weeks league date.
Delete the scores for Column I (current weeks league date)
Enter scratch scores for this week
After all scores are entered, sort by column I, and then sort by column B (Place column)
This will show you the place for all the players.
ANYONE that doesn't buy in will get their score logged but mark them YELLOW instead of Cyan. This makes sure that you remember they do not get paid. Same goes for people playing their first week
Now that you have scores add them to the Sign In Sheet ---- review the payouts tab in this spreadsheet to see what the payouts are for all the people that will receieve $$$
Enter scores into the corresponding week on Disc Golf Scene for the leauge.
Post on Facebook congrats to those that win.
You can also watch this video which shows how I do it...