Meeting Info

Capital City Disc Golf Club meetings are at 6 PM on the 1st Tuesday of every month at Santiam Brewing in Salem, Oregon.

If you are planning to attend an upcoming meeting please review the Meeting Format and Decorum, below.

CCDG Club Meeting – Format and Decorum

  • If available, Directors who wish to participate in the meeting will sit at the table in center of room.
  • Club members are welcome to attend seated in the chairs and/or couches surrounding the room.
  • The meeting will be organized by a specific agenda to be distributed amongst those present.
  • During the meeting, Directors are expected to conduct themselves in a professional a respectful manner in accordance with the Board Code of Conduct.
  • Any Director who has a concern, opinion or thought regarding any agenda item being discussed will be granted an opportunity to make themselves heard.
  • When someone has been acknowledged and is speaking, they should be allowed to do so without interruption.
  • Interested club members attending the meeting should refrain from interjecting during the meeting or engaging in side-conversations.
  • Anyone wishing to participate or provide feedback on a particular subject can stand and be recognized and allowed to speak or they can wait until “Open Mic” where there will be ample opportunity to discuss any issues, present new ideas or ask questions.  

Any person or persons who are unable to abide by these guidelines will first be warned and subsequently asked to leave the meeting room until the meeting has adjourned.