Weekly Event TD Information

CCDG can only exist with the assistance and involvement of our club members. The Weekly League Director (WD) is responsible for running the event for that night. We are always looking for weekly directors for both our Monday and Wednesday Night Handicap leagues. Being a WD is a great way to get to know more club members by checking them in and taking their league dues for the week. Volunteering as a WD is a highly honored activity within the club. There is even a raffle for all of those WD in a given season. If you would like to volunteer, please sign up at the link below and the League Director will reach out to you.

The WD plays for free* their week and is still eligible for cash payouts as well as the ACE pot.

*If you choose to WD with another person (or multiple persons), only one person gets to play for free.

To make volunteering as easy as possible, the club provides the following resources to help Weekly Directors run a weekly.

TD Materials:

  1. Player Sign-up Sheet
  2. WD “Quick Guide” / Cash Statement
  3. Player Info Sheet
  4. Weekly in Progress Sign

Quick Links:

  1. WD Sign-up Sheet / Schedule ***CLICK THIS LINK TO SIGN UP TO BE A WD!*** This signup sheet is used for both Monday and Wednesday Night Leagues

Here are the rest of the WD’s roles and responsibilities, and a step-by-step guide to processing and submitting cash and names. Please do your best to submit scores and cash without mistakes. It is the WD’s responsibility to make sure any discrepancies are resolved BEFORE submitting cash and results.

Note: if both the WD and a CCDG key holder are present early there are opportunities to move baskets if there is enough time before check-in.

  • Manage the round –
    • Start Time: The Start Time Listed on the Monday Night Disc Golf Scene Schedule and Wednesday Night Disc Golf Scene Schedule is the time players are expected to head out to their starting holes. Check-in starts 30 minutes before start time.
    • Sign-up Sheet: Each column has 25 spots, and each page has 50. This standard formatting may help you keep track of the # of players and who paid. Or, you can just bring a pad of paper to create a sign up sheet. To stay organized, number the list and create columns for Player Name, Paid, Ace Pot. Make sure you print (or make them print) their FIRST and LAST names clearly on the sign up sheet so it can be compared to the uDisc scorecards. It will save you a lot of time later to make sure people are printing neatly before you accept their payment.
    • Cash: Collect and store cash in a small zip-lock bag or a large envelope, keep 1s and 5s if possible it makes giving change easier. The bag or envelope will also come in hand when delivering the cash to the League Director, Treasurer, or President.
    • End of Sign Ups: At the scheduled time close the sign ups and play your round.
    • Course Cleanup: The WD is responsible for cleaning up any CCDG materials that have been left of the course (this includes CTP flags). It would also be useful to ensure that all baskets are locked.
  • Post Round Accounting – Before you leave the course, it is important to spend a few minutes reconciling the cash, reviewing players on the signup sheet who played/pad, and the # of players that appear on the uDisc scorecard.
    • You can review uDisc by reviewing the leaderboard.
    • Tally the number of players on the sign up list.
    • Tally the cash.
    • IMPORTANT: Any discrepancies between the sign-up list, cash, and submitted scores need to be addressed BEFORE you turn in the cash and the player sign-up list.
  • Turn in the cash to the League Director, Treasurer, or President.
    • Coordinate with one of them if needed.