Capital City Disc Golf Club Memberships and Bag Tags are now available! Individual annual memberships are $10 per member when paid in person. To pay for your Capital City Disc Golf Club membership online please use the form below. We are also offering Bag Tags for Purchase (you must be a member to purchase a bag tag). Bag tags make you eligible to play in our year end finale. Remember you can always pay in person at a club event!

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2021 Member Name
Alex Kantner11/15/2020Bag Tag Finale
Allan Adams1131441/4/2021Online
Andrew Barlow
Anthony Hammerschmith8881610/9/2020Online
Austen Goss8/3/2020Online
Daniel SchoonoverOnline
Daniel Steinberg10/12/2020Online
David Palmer10/9/2020Online
Dennis Swanson1/7/2021Online
Devin Tuinstra10/19/2020Online
Don Alexander1/7/2021Online
Donnie Wentz10/26/2020Online
Doug Luther1/7/2021Online
Dustin Adkins6/22/2020Online
Ed Hanks1/7/2021Online
Jacob HowardOnline
Jason Thoma10/14/2020Online
Jean-Marc Lefor12376810/19/2020Online
Jesus Cruz3/9/2020MNL
Joe Higgins07/06/2020Online
Kyle Groff2/9/2020SRD
Kyle Warren11/11/20220Online
Marshall Dunst
Mathew Ismay12/13/2020SRD
Nathan Isbell15472712/15/2020Online
Rob Littrell1/7/2021Online
Robert Ellison11/11/2020Online
Robert Jones10680712/7/2020Online
Robert Voss9476311/11/2020Online
Ross Robarge1579311/7/2021Online
Shane Becker1104181/3/2021Online
Stacey Witenberger
Steve Egler1/7/2021Online
Steven Silvers1027081/3/2021Online
Steven Winslow523021/3/2021Online
Terry Houck11273010/14/2020Online
Wayne Harvey1/7/2021Online
Dewey Walker1289401/7/2021Online
William Bowman1/11/2021Online