Capital City Disc Golf Club Memberships are now available! Individual annual memberships are $10 per member when paid in person. To pay for your Capital City Disc Golf Club membership online please use the form below. We are also offering Bag Tags for Purchase (you must be a member to purchase a bag tag). Bag tags make you eligible to play in our year end finale. Remember you can always pay in person at a club event! Bag tags will be avaliable in the spring of 2022.

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2021 Member Name
Alexander Rosas5/27/2021Online
Andrew Barlow1/2/2022SRD
Barry 1/5/2022
Bill Bowman1/4/2021GLOW
Brian Pond1/2/2022SRD
Brice Waters1/4/2021Online
Bryan Van Fleet1/2/2022SRD
Dane Jones1/2/2022SRD
Daniel Schoonover1/5/2022
David Jackson1/2/2022SRD
David Palmer11/30/2021Online
Diana Lewis9/27/2021Online
Gary Fitzgerald1/2/2022SRD
George Munoz11/21/2021SRD
Joe Graham11/18/2021Online
Jon Horgan12/29/2021DANIEL
Justin Duran12/19/2021SRD
Justin Stinson1/2/2022SRD
Ken Chadwick1/2/2022SRD
Kyle Warren11/11/20220Online
Lee Heustis1/2/2022SRD
Marshall Dunst1/5/2022Home
Mike Patrick11/18/2021Online
Nathan Isbell12/28/2021Online
Paul Ciquini1/2/2022SRD
Shane Whitehead11/21/2021SRD
Shawn Madden1/2/2022SRD
Shawn's Thumb1/2/2022SRD
Stacey Witenberger11/18/2021Online
Steve Jones1/2/2022SRD
Steven Winslow11/17/2021Online
Ted Tracy11/17/2021Online
Travis Towne1/4/2021Online
William Mercer11/14/2021SRD
Jamie Gonzalez1/18/2022Online
Kyle Drummond1/18/2022Online
Mike Wright1/13/2022Online
Dewey Walker1/9/2022Online
Shawna Pond1/9/2022SRD
Chris Herber1/9/2022SRD
Ira Burgess1/9/2022SRD
Andrew Commons1/9/2022SRD