Capital City Disc Golf Club Memberships (Click here to find out why memberships exist) are now available! Individual annual memberships are $20 per member when paid in person. Your club membership automatically buys you in to the CCDG Bag Tag League. Your returned bag tags make you eligible to play in our annual year-end bag tag finale. Remember you can always pay in person at a club event!

2024 Member Name
Adams, Allan2/4/24V4V
Pond, Brian2/4/24V4V
Dunst, Marshall2/4/24V4V
Filicky, Michael2/5/24Glow
Stinson, Justin2/11/24SRD
Pond, Shawna2/11/24SRD
Unruh, Travis2/11/24SRD
Madden, Shawn3/13/24WNL
Everhart, Todd3/13/24WNL
Waters, Brice3/13/24WNL
Coll, Matt3/13/24WNL
Harding, Christian3/13/24WNL
Bolas, Steve3/13/24WNL
Strunk, Morgan3/13/24WNL
Erickson, Patrick3/13/24WNL
Bolliger, Barry3/13/24WNL
Nault, Jason3/13/24WNL
Kingman, Shawn3/13/24WNL
Ratcliff, Cody3/13/24WNL
Lewis, Diane3/13/24WNL
Goll, EJ3/13/24WNL
Lehman, Daniel3/13/24WNL
Paredes, Jacob3-17-24SRD
Whitemberger, Stacey3-17-24SRD
Chadwick, Kendo3-17-24SRD
Snyder, John3-17-24SRD
Egler, Steve 3-21-24Dallas
Swami (DNP)3-21-24Dallas
Madden, Shawn (2nd)3-24-24SRD
Fitzgerald, Gary3-24-24SRD
VanFleet, Bryan3-24-24SRD
Atkins, Dustin3-24-24SRD
James Dudder4-14-24SRD
Harvey, Wayne 4-17-24WNL
Cannon, Derick4/21/2024Jackpot
Ward, Dallas4/21/2024Jackpot
Wilcox Chris5/14/2024Meeting